Episode 53

January 26, 2018

Dave and Kenny discuss the aftermath of Butlins and the issue of payment for conductors as Dave takes a temporary post at the Podcast's new favourite band, Trimdon Concert Brass.

Also up for review is what it's like to be Scottish and another stupid idea from Boris...

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman Production


Ep 52 - Butlins Friday Night

January 14, 2018

Dave and Kenny are joined by Anne Crookston, Paul Bennet and John Stirzaker for the annual Friday night Butlins Podcast.


Ep 51 - Outside Perception of Brass Bands

January 6, 2018

Dave and Kenny look at the outside percepion of brass bands and cover how we can change perception in the mainstream media.Also discussed is the forthcoming Butlins contest and ebtry levels in the top section.