Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 23

March 25, 2019

The skill of the arranger is being able to adapt to any circumstance. With music by composers such as William Walton, Ravel or Zoltan Kodaly, the problem is to fit everything they wrote onto a 25-piece brass band.  When working from original music for piano, the arranger has to much more inventive.  In this episode we celebrate some of the most successful adaptations of glorious music from the opera house, the ballet and the concert hall plus we hear the occasional original masterpiece written for brass band.

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 22

March 6, 2019

With Oscars in the air, this is an episode full of classic movie music. Frank includes several Award winners, a few near misses plus he has underrated music by John Williams and the magic of Vangelis.

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 21

February 20, 2019

Frank has important news about a change to the line up of our Young Brass Award,  Processes with The Nobles, marks the 40th anniversary of a great player and plays a track from the latest CD By Brighouse and Rastrick. 

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 20

February 5, 2019

How about music from 3 geniuses starting in 1786, moving on to one of the most innovative brass band voices of the last century, and ending with just about the most famous composer in American musical theatre. Frank also has some personal memories of a master musician whose death in 2007 robbed the band world of one of its most inspirational leaders. 

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band Episode 19

January 22, 2019

8 have become 4 in this hour long special revealing and featuring the Finalists for the first Young Brass Award.  They were selected at the Semi-Final held on January 13th in the Carole Nash Hall in Manchester.  Plus, there’s music from one of our greatest arrangers, a well loved hymn tune gets deconstructed and Frank goes and ‘Tells it on the Mountain’. 

Frank Renton - Still Listening to the Band - Episode 18

January 9, 2019

We hear a brilliant Euphonium star from the other side of the world, celebrate the sound of the brass band of decades ago, and enjoy the truly classic sound of a world beating cornet star.  

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Christmas Special

December 24, 2018

Brass Bands and Christmas go together like a horse and carriage. So as Frank wishes us all a very happy Christmas from BrassPass.TV, enjoy this unique collection of wonderful Christmas and seasonal music.

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 16

December 11, 2018

Frank Renton has the names of our Young Brass Award Semi Finalists who will trying to impress judges Katy Jones, Principal Trombone of the Halle Orchestra and conductor and cornet virtuoso Russell Gray on January 13th in Manchester’s Stoller Hall. Dear to his heart is Grimethorpe and they are his feature band. Foden’s have teamed up with star trumpet player Mike Lovatt and Frank has possibly the only solo recording from Euphonium legend Harry Mather

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 15

November 27, 2018

The first track from a new recording by trumpet superstar Mick Lovatt with Foden’s. From download to CD comes the brilliant Tom Hutchinson, an archive classic from Kenneth Dennison plus Virtuoso GUS in some of its many guises is the featured band .

Frank Renton: Still Listening to the Band - Ep 14

November 13, 2018

Frank welcomes a few visiting bands to the UK and plays recordings exclusively available on

Brasspass.TV by the combined forces of The Fairey and Leyland Bands.