Ep 26 - Butlins Friday Evening

January 14, 2017

What happens when you have four passionate banders, 2 bottles of whisky and 1 microphone? Have a listen and you'll find out.

Dave Kinross, Kenny Crookston, Gerry Duggan and John Stirzaker are in Skegness this weekend to bring you coverage of the Butlins Championships. Tonight we discuss the fantastic experience for banding that the organisers here provide, a pioneer for banding in a new continent, giving punters what they want and a number of things in between.

This episode of the podcast requires parental guidance as the panel have had a few but be assured there's no swearing.......

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Ep 25 - 2016 in Review

January 3, 2017

Dave and Kenny look at the year that was - 2016. Our inaugural awards celebrate the best player, organisation and contribution to banding along with the best performance not to win and our less formal "You're having a laugh" category.

We pay our respects to the famous names is the movement who've left us this year and we describe our hopes for brass bands in 2017.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman production by KGC Media.