EP 24 - Mike Kilroy

December 13, 2016

Dave and Kenny are joined by Mike Kilroy. The Chair of Brass Bands England reviews his career as a player and looks at the transformation of the organisation he took over four years ago. After a narrow escape as a sauce boiler his chosen career in business transformation has provided a solid grounding in the task faced at Brass Bands England.

Also covered is the euphonium merry-go-round in the North.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman Production


Ep 23 - Review of Swiss National and Scottish Open

December 2, 2016

Dave, Kenny and Gerry review the weekend's contest in Switzerland, Belgium and Scotland. One of the talking points raised is the choice of test pieces bands make at contests. We also look forward to Brass Bands England's conference in Manchester.


The Brass Band podcast is a British Bandsman production by KGC Media.