Ep 56 - Review of Yorkshire Area Contest

March 8, 2018

After falling victim to the Beast from the East last week, we are back with a comprehensive review and opinion from the Yorkshire Area Contest. Dave, Kenny and Martin Gernon also give predictions on the Midlands, Scotland and West of England areas.



Ep 55 - Preview of the North West Area Contest

February 25, 2018

The start of Area qualifying contest series comes from the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. We start with predictions from Ryan Watkins and Martin Gernon.

Also discussed is gender balance in banding and the recent Unibrass contest from York and Kenny asks Trimdon Concert Brass' chairman Wayne Huntington what on earth he was thinking of in appointing his latest conductor.

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Episode 54

February 12, 2018

On the agenda this week is refelction on the annoucements of Kirkintilloch withdrawing from the Area Championship and the cancellation of the All England International Masters.

Also under the microscope is replacement players and road cone hurling as an Olympic Event.


The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman Production.


Episode 53

January 26, 2018

Dave and Kenny discuss the aftermath of Butlins and the issue of payment for conductors as Dave takes a temporary post at the Podcast's new favourite band, Trimdon Concert Brass.

Also up for review is what it's like to be Scottish and another stupid idea from Boris...

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman Production


Ep 52 - Butlins Friday Night

January 14, 2018

Dave and Kenny are joined by Anne Crookston, Paul Bennet and John Stirzaker for the annual Friday night Butlins Podcast.


Ep 51 - Outside Perception of Brass Bands

January 6, 2018

Dave and Kenny look at the outside percepion of brass bands and cover how we can change perception in the mainstream media.Also discussed is the forthcoming Butlins contest and ebtry levels in the top section.



Ep 50 - 2017 Awards and Year Review

December 31, 2017

Dave and Kenny look back on the year from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Edinburgh. We look at the outstanding players and bands of 2017, in addition to the overall Player and Band we have individual player awards.

Players of the Year are selected from:


Dominic Longhurst (Brighouse and Rastrick)

Marielle Rey (Valasia)

Scott Forrest (Whitburn)

Jon Vegar Sole Sundal (Eikanger)


Roger Webster (Grimethope)

Vincent Bearpark (Valasia)

Chris Bradley (Whitburn)

David Morton (Eikanger)

Tom Hutchinson (Cory)


Helen Williams (Cory)

Jamie Smith (Grimethorpe)

Gyda Matland (Eikanger)

Tenor Horn

Michael Fleming (Whitburn)

Owen Farr

Jonny Bates (Fodens)


Mike Cavanagh (Grimethorpe)

Steve Kane (Cory)


Dan Thomas (Black Dyke)

Chris Robertson (Grimethorpe)

Glenn Van Looy (Valasia)

Gary Curtin (Fodens)


Isobel Daws (Fairey)

Chris Thomas (Cory)

Ruan Watkins (Brighouse and Rastrick)

Tore Bryne Berg (Eikanger)

Bass (Sections)



Tres Etoiles

Percussion (Sections)

Fountain City



Non Championship Section Performance of the Year

Ensemble de Cuivres Euphonia (Swiss National)

BD1 (British National)

Conductor of the Year

Professor Nicholas Childs

Ingar Bergby

Florent Didier

Arsene Duc

The following Categories are also discussed

Best Non-Winning Performance

Having a Laugh Award

Contribution to Banding



Ep 49 - Review of November

December 8, 2017

Dave and Kenny return to bring you a new look Podcast. Discussed in this epsiode is the month of November from five different countries, bad walking-out uniforms and the new contenders to be the world's best band There's also talk of public toilet disturbances and Non-Brexit.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman production by KGC Media.


Ep 48 - Review of the National Brass Band Championship

October 20, 2017

Dave and Kenny review the National Brass Band Championship from the Royal Albert Hall, London. The contest, won by Brighouse and Rastrick generated some talking points and Steven Mead joins the episode to discuss.

The Brass Band Podcast is a Brithish Bandsman production by KGC Media.




Ep 47 - Preview of the National Brass Band Championship and Palanga

October 11, 2017

Dave and Kenny are joined by Sandy Smith, Martin Gernon and Steven Mead to gives their views and predictions on the forthcoming "Nationals" at the Royal Albert Hall, London with half an eye on the Glenlivet whisky.

Steven Mead also describes the banding outlook in Lithuania and reveals his outrage at the treatment of the people of Palanga by EBBA, in the decision not to award the 2019 EBBC. There follows a debate on the role of EBBA in breaking new territories for banding.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman Production for KGC Media.