Ep 34 - European Championship Preview

April 25, 2017

Dave and Kenny preview this weekend's action from Belgium and look at the relevance of rules at a contest.

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Ep 33 - Acrobat Challenge - Jayne Murrill

April 7, 2017

Dave and Kenny speak with Jayne Murrill, the inspiration behind the Acrobat Challenge, the viral sensation supporting Stephen's Journey. Jayne reveals the background for the idea and discusses her rising career as a conductor. We look at the success of female conductor's versus their male counterparts and look at the factors behind why there aren't more ladies taking up the baton.

Also in this episode we ask why banding isn't more multi-cultured and hear from Brass for Africa's Kaleema Frank and Alex Parker on the impact brass playing is making in Uganda to the lives of so many.

Credit: The Acrobat - Dan Thomas via Facebook

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman production by KGC Media


Ep 32 - Section Alignment Debate

April 1, 2017

Dave and Kenny discuss the ongoing section debate, the validity of the lower section Nationals and the role of EBBA in driving the agenda in Brass Bands. Also on the agenda are cornet player appointments and the announcement of a strong Brass in Concert lineup.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman prodction by KGC Media