Ep 19 - Band Supplies - Ronnie Tennant

October 29, 2016

Dave and Kenny travel to the new Head Office of Band Supples, the leading retailer of all things brass bands. Ronnie Tennant the Managing Director tells the Podcast of his support for contests and workshops along with sharing his views on the pressures on instrument sales post-Brexit and the importance of banding to extend their search for financial support.

We also discuss the Great British Bake Off and the work of a band manager in the wake of The Cory Band advertising the post.

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Ep 18 - Sandy Smith

October 22, 2016

Dave and Kenny are joined by one of the greats of the Tenor Horn, Sandy Smith. Always forthright in his opinion, Sandy conveys his hopes for the genre in entertainment, music quality and how bands need to find their level in order to improve. He also tells us about his playing career and the inspiration behind his Tubular Brass project.

Also this week we have the gift that keeps on giving, the American Presidential election and brass instrumentation.

The Brass Band Podcast is a British Bandsman production by KGC Media.


Ep 17 - Ryan Watkins

October 17, 2016

Dave, Kenny and Gerry are joined by guest Ryan Watkins, principal trombone of the Brighouse and Rastrick Band. He discusses contest near misses for the band and the stylistic inspiration he gets from Professor David King. We also look at how the band has moved into a new era of management, the incredible work undertaken by Alan Morrison and his take on the music quality and entertaiment debates.

We also look at a defining week in the US Presidential election and "Poyntongate" raises its head again.In summary, we look at player retention and how Unibrass is such an important conduit in that regard.


Ep 16 - Review of the National Final’s - Championship Section

October 10, 2016

Dave and Kenny are once again joined by the British Bandsman News Editor, Gerry Duggan. In this episode we review what was a great day at the Royal Albert Hall where The Cory Band were once again victorius. Each band is reviewed before the conversation moves on to whether this Cory Band can be up there with the greatest in history.

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Ep 15 - National Final (championship section) Preview

October 4, 2016

Dave and Kenny preview the forthcoming National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Discussing the form of all the bands and predicting their top 6 finishers.


Ep 14 - Simon Dobson

October 1, 2016

Dave and Kenny are joined this week by Simon Dobson, composer of Journey of the Lone Wolf, the testpiece to be used at this years National Finals in London. Simon discusses his compositional journey and what it means to be chosen by the Kapitol panel. He also reveals exclusively to the Podcast his new projects in the pipeline; a follow up album, new test piece commissions and a new project featuring eclectic contributions from the top names in various musical fields.

Also covered this week we have England managers, Bolsover, a bulging postmans sack from the village of Poynton and a new era for the British Bandsman.

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