Ep 13 - Lower Section National Final Review

September 21, 2016

Dave and Kenny are joined this week by Gerry Duggan, News Editor of the British Bandsman. We will review last weekend's National Final in Cheltenham and look at the throny issue of borrowed players and whether some of the regions should be realigned to create a more level playing field nationally.

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Ep 12 - Open Review and National Finals (1-4) Preview

September 14, 2016

Dave and Kenny are guestless this week as they review the fantastic day's banding at the Symphony Hall Birmingham where Cory secured their first Open win in five years. Also, they preview the National Championship (1-4) in Cheltenham discussing the bands they think are the ones to watch out for.

Also on the agenda are banding rumours, bake off's and the announcement of the 2017 regional tests.

A KGC Media production in association with the British Bandsman magazine.


Ep 11 - Michael Fowles and David Thornton

September 10, 2016

Dave and Kenny are joined in the Symphony Hall Birmingham this week by conductor and adjudicator Michael Fowles and fellow adjudicator, lecturer and euphonium virtuoso, David Thornton. We ask if contesting is a sport and if we have the need for a governing body. We also ask what banding looks like 30 years from now.

A round table forum for Episode 11 brought to you by KGC Media in conjunction with the British Bandsman and Symphony Hall, Birmingham.


Ep 10 - British Open Preview

September 6, 2016

Dave and Kenny preview the 164th British Open Championship. We look at the test piece, the form of each band then give what will probably prove to be a wildy inaccurate prediction of the result.


Ep 9 - Dr Peter Meechan

September 4, 2016

Dave and Kenny set a North American tone this week and are joined by composer, Dr Peter Meechan. We cover the differences between the scenes in the UK and North America and Pete gives us his slant on how composing and publishing is driving some of the changes in the music brass bands present as a genre.

We discuss the presidential election in the US, forward thinking appointments from Brass Bands England and Dave seems to have a case of contest amnesia.

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